Retail Fabricare

Our Claim to Fame

For over 25 years, retail dry-cleaning companies have partnered with the Mayfield Group to build sales. We draw from a library of hundreds of proven-effective promotional ideas. The key to a successful program is balance. Avoid the pitfalls of a strictly price, discount or coupon based marketing program, for price shoppers are the most fickle and disloyal customers. Instead, balance your sales plan with quality and image building messages.

We also stress other families of promotional ideas like consumer participation programs, community involvement ideas, and premiums.

We are acutely aware of the many challenges that the fabricare industry faces. Therefore, we employ many casual wear marketing messages, route, pick-up and delivery business builders, and ideas that overcome environmental issues by highlighting alternative cleaning fluid, recycling, and more.

A Track Record of Excellence Since 1987

Our clients represent the leaders in the retail fabricare industry. Successful dry cleaning companies—either single-unit or multi-store—realize that establishing a positive relationship, reselling the customer, and eliminating the grudge purchase mentality are the keys to growth and success.

The Mayfield Group has been an exhibitor at every major industry tradeshow since 1987. Countless regional tradeshows and speaking engagements have helped propel us to industry leadership with accounts all over North America.



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