A Company that creates and implements advertising and branding to businesses to build sales and improve public perception Multiple, Cost-effective exposure tools repeatedly deliver our message. Point of Purchase, Outdoor, Social Media, Fleet Vehicles, and much more  Company Core Strengths: digital signage content creation, designing point of purchase advertising programs,  vehicle and fleet vehicle design, in-house video studios, creative stations and full production facilities Custom Created Ideas fully exposed and implemented to achieve sales growth and positive perception from current and potential customers
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We provide a consistent cost effective system of multiple sales tools
that will produce measurable and profitable sales increases

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Sales Increases
& Improved
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The Mayfield Group advertising bureau specializes in working with retailers, service companies, and other types of businesses to construct and implement a custom sales plan that builds dollar volume and establishes a positive brand.

Our mission is to empower our clients to formulate positive messages and deliver exposures to current and potential customers in a cost-effective manner that produces results.

We recognize the reality of running a business. Its infinite demands often overshadow the critical need to create and create and implement a sales and communications program. Our solution is to work together with our clients to construct a sales and communications plan which we will execute and implement using a variety of ideas and a consistent multi-pronged exposure system.

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